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Swaying in the port town of Hakodate
History of the Union Jack

For 75 years since Hakodate opened as an international trading port in 1859, the Former British Consulate in Hakodate has continued to hang the Union Jack, coloring the exotic port town of Hakodate.After several fires, it was rebuilt at this location, but it was destroyed by fire again. ) was used as a consulate until it closed inIn 1979, it was designated as a tangible cultural property of Hakodate City, and in 1992, it was restored to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the city.In March 2009, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the opening of the port, the contents of the exhibition were renewed, and a new step began as a symbol of the port city.


History of the Former British Consulate in Hakodate

June 1859

Hakodate Port opens International trade begins (July 1 of the Gregorian calendar)

September 1859

The first consul, Mr. CP Hodgson, takes office. Opens a temporary consulate in Shomyoji.

February 1863

A consulate is completed in the Motomachi area (near the current Orthodox Church).

January 1865

The consulate was destroyed in a fire and a temporary consulate was established (near the current consulate).


Concluded a lease agreement with the Hakodate magistrate for the current consulate site

February 1879

The Temporary Consulate was destroyed by a large fire.


A new consulate is completed at the current location.

August 1907

The consulate was destroyed by a large fire.

September 1913

New consulate completed (current building)


Became under the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Yokohama (Consulate General of Yokohama Annex)

December 1934

Consulate closed After closing, G. Dempy, who lives in Hakodate, will serve as a consular officer *-until 1941

March 1940

The city of Hakodate purchased the consulate building from the British government and used it as a facility for the Hakodate Municipal Hospital.

March 1941

Gendarmerie takes over the building

August 1945

Requisitioned at the end of the war Used as a facility for Hakodate Municipal Hospital *Until 1979

November 1979

Designated as Hakodate City Tangible Cultural Property

August 1992

Former British Consulate in Hakodate (Opening Memorial Museum) opens

March 2009

Former British Consulate in Hakodate (Port Opening Memorial Hall) reopened after renovation

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