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British Goods Queen's Memory

Inside the woody and elegant English-style store, we have a rich collection of imported miscellaneous goods with the scent of British tradition and culture. In addition to fragrant tea leaves, we have an elegant tea set, mugs, key holders, ties, hats, mufflers, and golf goods from St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf. Take your time and browse the store to find your favorite.


Product introduction

Prices shown include 10% consumption tax from October.

british black tea

■From a prestigious British tea shop ~Ashby~

・10 tea bags (2g) (Darjeeling, Earl Gray, etc.)

595 yen each

If you want to casually enjoy British black tea ~Ahmad~

・Darjeeling (100g)

・ Earl Gray (100g)

・English breakfast (100g)

・English tea NO.1 (100g)

・Other tea bags, flavored teas, etc. 20 pieces

1,188 yen

1,080 yen

1,080 yen

1,080 yen

810 yen

tea accessories

■Accessories to decorate tea time

・ Hourglass (2 minutes, 3 minutes)

・Measuring spoon

・Tea bag tray

・ Tea Cozy 

・Tea cup & saucer

1,100 yen

550 yen

495 yen

3,300 yen

From 2,420 yen

golf goods

St Andrews golf goods

・Marker tool set

・Golf towel


1,934 yen

1,516 yen

From 1,980 yen

british sundries

■ Slightly pretentious like an English gentleman



・Jacob tie

・Jacob Wool Hat

・Jacob wool muffler

・Jacob men's muffler

・Liverpool hat

From 2,970 yen

8,580 yen

4,180 yen

7,480 yen

7,480 yen

8,580 yen

8,360 yen

■ British small accessories

・Choro-Q second-floor bus


・Pendant top (teddy bear, etc.)

・Leather coin purse

・Keltec Bookmark

・The Beatles mug

・Peter Rabbit cork coaster

・Peter Rabbit Tea Coaster

・Peter Rabbit coin purse

1,100 yen

440 yen

1,761 yen

1,457 yen

1,375 yen

2,090 yen

385 yen

1,100 yen

715 yen

Food and sweets

■ You can eat it yourself or take it as a souvenir.

・ Cheesecake (6 pieces)

・Simpkin candy

1,425 yen

From 486 yen

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